whatcha hear is whatcha get, demo EP

by The Budrows

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This is our original demo EP, when it was just two of us...recorded in just over 2 hours at 2nd Floor Studios in Fountain Valley, CA. BONUS TRACK with full album download.


released 13 July 2010

All songs by The Budrows.
Thanks to Dave Williams for donating his time and studio to record these songs.



all rights reserved


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The Budrows

The Budrows began as a two piece with Jason and his step-daughter Macarena. Jason playing his home-made cigar box guitar and Macarena singing. They played in So-Cal for two years as a two piece until after one of their shows in 2010 when they met a seasoned harmonica man named Jesse. Jesse was invited to jam and not long after, became part of the band, solidifying the swampy sound of The Budrows. ... more

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Track Name: "heart of man"
i've been to the heart, the heart of man (2x)
i entered the cave of the devil's hand
i've been to the heart, the heart of man

i've seen what's in the heart of man (2x)
one part wicked, one part good, man never does just what he should, yeah
i've seen what's in the heart of man

man was born with a heart of gold (2x)
the years pass on gold turns to stone, a man can't love no more, no more, yeah
man was born with a heart of gold

i've got the heart of man (2x)
a man with a broken heart does what he can
i've got the heart of man
Track Name: "pile o' bones"
when i'm walkin' down the street and you bump into me,
you look in my direction and all you see is, ah ah
just a pile o' bones
i'm just a pile o' bones

I got pieces of flesh hangin' off my chest,
my cloths don't fit and I look like a mess,
I'm barley hangin' on by the skin of my teeth,
I'm just a pile o' bones, it aint the way it should be

I can't walk down the alley any more you see,
I got a pack of stray dogs just a followin' me,
cause I'm just a pile o' bones
i'm just a pile o' bones

Track Name: "johnny coldheart"
johnny was born on a cold, cold night
as the story goes
that's the reason why johnny was left with his heart froze
mama raised him in a loving home, tried to teach him right from wrong
mama said love everybody, if you did it could do no harm

little johnny coldheart why's your heart so cold,
didn't your mama teach ya, love's worth more than gold

it didn't take johnny long to find that he was empty inside, growing up's easy for a boy you see when you got no feelings to hide
all the girls liked johnny, they all though he was bad, but when they started talking about love, old johnny left 'em in a flash


the sickness caught up with mama, as she lay in bed
that's the day that old johnny realized his mama would soon be dead
on the night that mama died, johnny finally broke down and cried, a stream of tears rolled down his face, that day he'll never forget

Track Name: "no luck at all"
black cat go on cross my path
good things always come in threes
step on a crack don't break no backs
aint got no luck a followin' me

I aint got no luck at all
no good, no bad
I aint got no luck at all
can't change nothin' I never had

don't need no four leaf clover
rabbits foot won't do no good
go an' turn that horse shoe over
cross your fingers, knock on wood

Track Name: "little mister"
hey little mister don't ya come 'round here (2x)
listen up mister you must be crazy
if you come 'round here you'll be pushin' up daisies
when my momma comes home
and she finds you here.